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T Clemente Band: Guestbook

Alan Helbert

February 11, 2018

Really pleased you are all coming over for CRF again this year.

Alan Helbert

April 12, 2017

Hope to see you in the UK soon.Cambridge Rock 17?

Terry & Erica

August 8, 2016

Great to see you guys at Cambridge Rock Festival on Sunday. Enjoyed your set and currently listening to your album Lost in Time that you so kindly distributed after the set. Thanks for coming to see us hope you enjoyed your trip as much as we enjoyed seeing you.

Jonnie Dukes

November 5, 2015

F Yeah! I have been hoping for new music that would take me back in time in rock style. (my time 80's) Quality is not dead! Your band has so much range. Teddy, I am your bartender at Steelhead Brewery. You came in with Andre for beer and yum yums. A man of my word, I listened to your album Lost in Time, and then again, and again. I have a gift I believe you and the band might like. Connect with me so I may mail it to you, or give me a heads up to drop in the brewery. A new fan who will share this bands' great music to many others
Jonnie 408-596-1112

Corinne Donato

September 27, 2014

Please add me to your email list for upcoming events. Thanks!

Mark Harbolt

February 20, 2014

I listened to your "Lost In Time" album all the way home!
Very inspirational!


February 2, 2014

You guys really rocked the Catalyst in Santa Cruz last night! Really glad I got to see you live and look forward to seeing you again soon. Love the video for So Far Away on YouTube. I hope you will explore more of your progressive side on future CD's. It was great to meet you Teddy, thanks again for the CD.

Sam fas

December 10, 2013

Great work guys,
Time To Get Away |_|
from russia with love


July 6, 2013

Saw you guys yesterday at the Alameda County Fair and truly enjoyed your music. My 14 yr old son was with me and said " Now that's the kind of rock I like Mom". So, we hung out for a while to listen. Great job guys...Rock on! :)

Scott Boyle

April 4, 2013

Teddy!! Gotta take a trip up to Bend!! Pretty cool music scene up here.. take care bro!

David Jones

June 30, 2012

Teddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A band really???? I'm impressed and glad to see you pursue your passion.

Gus Tolentino

June 26, 2012

Hey teddy, I met you at Marvin's 50th birthday. You told me about your website. This is awesome bro ... Like your music.. you guys rock!!! Mabuhay!!!

Eric Newman

February 5, 2012

Great website, thanks for posting your videos, my friends & I get to watch your shows. Hope to see you guys here at St. Paul. Keep writing them awesome songs, they rock! Love the ballads too!

Snipes Wepense

February 4, 2012

My friends & I looking forward to your 2012 shows. What an opening for the Montrose show! You guys should be headlining by now & playing all these major venues. We will be there to support you guys, keep on rockin'!!

Franco Miramar

February 4, 2012

Looking forward to see you guys again at the California State Fair this year & every year. They should schedule your band on Friday or Saturday nights or both. You music & your shows can really draw a crowd. Nobody make songs like yours anymore. You guys rock!

Bob Trevey

January 12, 2012

Thank you TC for the use of your music in the San Jose Short Film Festival 2011 at Santa Row SJ oct 20 through oct 23,
I made all the promos and intros for every showing, Your music was incredibly great.
Bob Trevey Film Maker:


November 20, 2011

Teddy, ..& all of the band, it was a pleasesure to share the stage with you guys last night at the quarternote, uuuu guys rocked and we rolled lol..Tell Jesus to kick butt in the GC DRUM OFF Nationals! GO MAN GO!

Until we rock together again

Andy t

July 23, 2011

I saw u on sat at great america...i was the guy laying on gras in front of stage...great set...heard u for first time...fantastic songs...thanks...andy t


April 14, 2011

You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material


March 27, 2011

Very Interesting Blog! Thank You For Thi Blog!

Doug Evans

November 5, 2010

The two best I&E guys on the west coast and damn good guitarists. Keep up the good work guys.


August 27, 2010

I find myself coming to your blog more and more often to the point where my visits are almost daily now!


August 26, 2010

...please let me know when you PLAY local events :)


February 6, 2009

shows the true talent behind the band and it's men. The songs are amazing to say the least!


January 15, 2009

Nice Site love your music!

Robert Shasta

October 6, 2008

Good Work!


October 6, 2008

Hi webmaster. Good Work! :-) lol


September 28, 2008

Hello its a very nice site!


May 13, 2008

Hi! I am finally able to get to your site to check it out, and it looks great! ... Urgently! Friends asked! I have a ! I

Jeff Kelson, Ind. Test. Inc.

April 25, 2008

Hey Teddy, I really want to see you all at your next gig, let me know when ya get more dates i will fly down and we can do some partying, Jeff

Micah Clemente

February 5, 2008

Yo Dad! It's ME!

Lee Dogg

December 28, 2007

Hey Teddy,

Its great to here that you guys are following your dreams. I wish the best for you and hope to see you in action. Best of luck!


December 22, 2007

get a girl to sing with band would be fun

Sylvain Millette

October 3, 2007

Hey Teddy, you never mentioned you were a rock star! Now you can say you have fans on the east coast (or somewhere).

Talk to you soon.


Teresa Proano

August 10, 2007

Dear Teddy,
You did not tell me about this awesome website of yours! I've listened to three of your songs so far and have enjoyed them.

I'd like to buy one of your CD's.
Great story, photos and website.

Here's to dreams coming true! Congratulations!



July 5, 2007

DingDing Dad


July 3, 2007

I am writing a article about you!


June 29, 2007

Hey dad!

Jimi Hendrix

April 21, 2007

YO! the sound is righteous. you're a stone groove my man! we'll keep it real for you on the East Coast.
- the Voodoo Child!

Mike Sanford

April 21, 2007

YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Man II

March 17, 2007


The music's great --- better than in the trailer. The pics are nice but you guys need to smile more. You're tooo serious.

With luck I'll make it to one of your live nights even if just for a set and to say HI.


October 4, 2006

sup teddy !! just checking out the site !! :)

D. Braun

September 14, 2006

Hi! My name is Dane and I like your music very much! I went to the About Time Barber Shop in Santa Clara and heard it! Was really impressed! There is a touch of Hendrix and also some Santana in there which is really cool! Very impressive musicianship. I would really love to see your band perform someday!

Good Luck!

Oai Lam

July 30, 2006

Great accomplishment Teddy!!!

I thought you were just jamming during lunch and after work to get rid off the heat, but now you have made an album. The surprising thing to me is you don't even read music. I on the other hand had a lot of music background and read music but can't write a done.

Yes, I accomplished most of my personal and professional goals. Glad I was a spark to push your music start button.

Thanks for being a Great Friend and Boss.