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T Clemente Band: Music


(T Clemente Band)
December 31, 2008
Words & Music by Teddy Clemente
Can you see what’s going on?
Can you feel what’s going on?
We’re blinded by their signs, ---- make believe
Mystery is everywhere
Vision, secrets, they don’t care
We’re blinded by their signs,---- make believe

I can’t see their faces
No matter how it comes to me
And there are no traces
-------- Of what we are to be
And I lost my senses
What we all believe to be
You and I are just images,
images, just images of lies

We’re living –
Illusions !
Our lives –
Illusions !
Our dreams –
Illusions !
Our minds –
Illusions !
Images of lives of you and me

The way you fear is in your mind
Creating fear is in their minds
Reflections of their signs, ------ don’t believe
Evil missions of their minds
Revolution in our minds
Reflections of their signs, ------- don’t believe