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T Clemente Band: News

Cambridge Rock Festival - April 10, 2018

T Clemente Band is back in the UK for a number of shows including the Cambridge Rock Festival on Saturday, July 28, 2018. Check out our calendar for more details.

Latest on Man Machine Album - April 10, 2018

Our upcoming album "Man Machine" is expected to be released some time this summer. Stay tune. 

Cambridge Rock Festival - May 15, 2017

T Clemente Band back to the Cambridge Rock Festival, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Friday, August 4, 2017

New Album - Man Machine - March 22, 2017

Yes, new album coming early part of 2018! All 11 songs are written, final arrangements - done. Finishing touches, mixing, mastering then publishing.

Cambridge Rock Festival - July 15, 2016

T Clemente Band performing at the Cambridge Rock Festival, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Sunday August 7, 2016

T Clemente Band UK Tour - July 22, 2015

T Clemente Band will be rockin' United Kingdom, September 2015.

Check out our schedule & venues!

T Clemente Band opening for Michael Schenker - February 15, 2015

Michael Schenker with very special guest - T Clemente Band (Re-scheduled)

Wednesday, May 3, 2015 at Rock Bar Theater, 360 Saratoga Ave. San Jose, Ca. 7pm til Midnight

Fireworks Magazine Review - December 29, 2014

T Clemente Band – Lost In Time (independent) Hard Rock

        One of the many things I absolutely love about Fireworks magazine and the Fireworks team is they give valuable space to relatively unknown artists! Opening up the musical spectrum to us contributors and music lovers alike as well as giving these deserving artists some international exposure!

        This band is just one of those examples, Teddy Clemente may be well known around the San Francisco area but his national and international profile is not quite there; however I think this is all about to change!

         “Lost In Time” is about to sky rocket this awesome guitarist and his musical crew into the stratosphere! A driving and daring collection of Hard yet Melodic Rock, this album is going to turn heads. Clemente, himself, is a Progressive guitarist and composer of the highest grade. His arrangements are sterling and with help from producer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Berry, he borders on awe-inspiring!

          On this release, he also introduces us to vocalist Amanda Dieck whose talents run parallel to Clemente’s. Her voice has an almost limitless depth so she can be harsh and tough when called for, followed by melodious and soulful and then completely breathless – and that can all be in just one song! ….Time’ also features long-time musical friends David Lauser on drums and the aforementioned Berry who lent keyboards, bass and guitars to the sessions. You may know Lauser’s work from Sammy Hagar whilst Berry is an excellent producer that is sought after in California.

          Okay…so the music? The music – ah, yes- get ready for a pulsating Hard Rock, journey, one that is peppered with Progressive leanings like you have never quite heard before! From the almost unbelievable string-bending of Clemente to the ballsy rhythms laid down by Lauser and Berry to the super-sonic melodic voice of Dieck, ….Time absolutely shines on all selections! The talent of the musicians shines through the overall created gems that we hear and each of the fourteen tracks is a killer! Fourteen tracks that mesmerize you! This album is a hard driving effort that is so naturally performed, again at times, it is just unbelievable!

        “…..Time” is one of those records that will turn the tide of music. It is an album that you will not be quick to forget and one that will call you back for more- time and time again!

          Remember the name “T Clemente Band” ….remember the album, “Lost In Time”

                                                                                       Bruce E. J. Atkinson - Fireworks Magazine

Review from Classic Rock magazine - December 15, 2014

T Clemente Band

Lost In Time Clemente Music

The best band you’re not listening to.

Filipino-born Californian guitarist T Clemente’s third album wears its influences on its sleeve, but the song writing and performances are so strong everything sounds fresh as a daisy. It helps that Clemente has a great team around him – drummer David Lauser played on Sammy Hagar’s mid-80s classics, and lead vocalist Amanda Dieck has a gorgeous, soaring voice. The music is so catchy you’d swear you’d heard these songs somewhere before. Sacrifice matches the bombast of Rainbow at their Graham Bonnet-powered peak, while Children And Their Future and Dreams sound like forgotten Pat Benatar tracks. Never Alone is a belter of a tune and In My Heart is an irresistible power ballad. Flying under the radar for too long, it’s time Clemente’s luck changed.

Lost In Time Album Review! - October 4, 2014

"T Clemente Band – Lost In Time - Review
Rating: B+
Bay Area axe slinger Teddy Clemente has pretty much been flying under the radar, at least on a national level, for the better part of his career, but after one listen to his latest release Lost In Time, one gets the feeling that his fortunes could be changing very soon.
Keeping many of the key ingredients intact that made his last full length effort Illusions the strong effort that it was, Clemen...te has once again turned to fellow San Franciscan, multi-instrumentalist, producer & arranger Robert Berry, to help him carve out another solid slab of melodic classic / hard rock. Veteran drummer David Lauser (Sammy Hagar) is once again back behind the kit, as is vocalist Tom Duell, albeit in a more reduced role this time around. For the lead vocal duties Teddy has wisely turned the mic over to Amanda Dieck and man does this woman hit the ball out of the park with each and every song. Her majestic sounding voice is just brimming with arena rock power and coupled with Teddy’s endless arsenal of scorching riffs and melodic solos on hard rock nuggets “Retaliate”, “Sacrifice”, “Take The Shot” and “Time To Get Away”, it is nothing less than a perfect match. What really works here is just how well the metallic crunch of the above mentioned songs blend in seamlessly with the softer and more reflective compositions “So Far Away”, “In My Heart”, “Dreams” and one of my personal favorite tracks on the album, “Children And Their Future”.
What it all comes down to is that Lost In Time gives the listener such a diverse and well-rounded listening experience, that not only serves to highlight Clemente’s obvious skills as a guitarist, but more importantly, reveals his distinct flair for writing, top notch rock anthems that stick in your head long after the music has finished. Pretty hard to top that, don’t you think?
By Ryan Sparks
Classic Rock Revisited"

T Clemente Band Livestream tonight! - August 30, 2014

Watch T Clemente Band Performs at Bay Of Pines, 150 Del Monte Ave. Monterey, Ca. tonight, August 30, 2014, 10pm to 12am Pacific Standard time live or Livestream by going to this link:


T Clemente Band opening for Y & T at the Catalyst - March 2, 2014

Lost In Time Album - January 18, 2014

Show updates - June 12, 2013

California Music Industry Summit on Friday, June 14, 2013 & St. James Gate on Saturday June 15, 2013 are cancelled. .

Retaliate - You Tube Video - February 12, 2013

performed at Neto's Santa Clara, Feb 2, 2013


Latest Review - December 5, 2012

Hi Teddy,

Craven tagged you in a post.

Craven wrote: "So I have been rapidly becoming a fan of local original music. Bands like Gundacker Project and Finding Stella have opened my eyes to the wonderful original songs of these talented writer/performers.

The latest to leave me wanting more is the T. Clemente Band. They played Saturday night at Neto's and blew me away. The amazing voice of Amanda Dieck , mind blowing guitar work and writing of Teddy Clemente and seemingly impossible drum work by Jesus Garcia have me hooked. Solid backup by Mark Crissman on vocals, stellar bass by my buddy, Harold Lee (Martin), and innovative keyboard work by Bryan H Yoshida make this band a must watch. If you have not seen them you are missing out. In fact Harold had been trying to get me to come see them all year and only recently have I been able to.

The attached video is long. 13 minutes, but it is awesome. Set your preferences to 720p HD, turn up the volume and prepare to smile! The drum solo by Jesus Garcia absolutely is worth the wait at the end. Enjoy!"

Craven wrote: "My apologies to Jeff Mayer for not mentioning his terrific guitar playing. I've been a fan of his for years....sorry buddy."

Voice Out Dec 1 2012 - December 5, 2012

Dreams live at the Ca.State Fair 2012 - August 2, 2012

Lost In Time - live at The Alameda County Fair 2012 - July 26, 2012

So Far Away (live) - Video - July 14, 2012

Time To Get Away (live)- Video - July 14, 2012

T Clemente Band 2012 Shows - May 6, 2012

T Clemente Band at Britannia Arms - Cupertino - March 6, 2012
With our new lead singer Amanda Dieck

Review from Strutterzine, Netherlands - January 27, 2010

Here we have a really high quality independent recording from a band out of San Francisco, USA. They are called the T. CLEMENTE BAND, formed around excellent guitarist TEDDY CLEMENTE (a la RICHIE BLACKMORE), who is also the songwriter of all 10 songs on this album. THOM DUELL (a la IAN PARRY and JEFF FENHOLT) takes care of the vocals and he happens to be blessed with a superb voice, so we are talking about something really interesting here. Musically taking a bit of RAINBOW, URIAH HEEP, ZENO, Q5 and especially QUEENSRYCHE meets JOSHUA meets TRIUMPH with some Metal riffs added, mixing this all together with awesome vocal- and guitarwork, you basically end up with this awesome CD titled ‘Illusions’. Especially the songs “Life”, “Come fly away” and “Prisoner of war” are very impressive tunes to check out asap if your heart belongs to quality Progressive Rock/Metal with a Classic Hardrock vibe like a mix of mentioned acts and you want to hear beautiful melodies in all arrangements as well. The CD has a huge sound, partly thanks to the legendary GEORGE HORN (a Soul/Funk/Jazz legend!), who mastered the CD and also a special mention also needs to made for ROBERT BERRY (3, HUSH, solo, etc.) who played guitars, keys, did back-up vocals and took care of the recording and sound/mixing/engineering of the record, thumbs up to both for doing a great job here! More info at: and e-mail at:

More You Tube Videos - September 16, 2009

2009 Live performances
Go to our link section to check out our latest You Tube Videos.
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