It is a good album and it is obvious that a lot of love and care has gone into the making of it. I genuinely enjoyed being a small part of the process. In my job I get to hear a lot of music, it takes something special to catch my ear and your record did just that Miles Showell Mastering Engineer - Abbey Road Studios” - Miles Showell

Miles Showell - Abbey Road Studios

When a guitarist releases an album around his own name and the opening track is instrumental, there is a fear that the listener will be presented with an indulgent collection of tracks that merely highlight the artist’s fretboard skillsrather than delivering a rounded hard rock album. Thankfully, Teddy Clemente, a relatively unknown artist in the UK, has held onto the knowledge about what makes a good album and delivers something very, very special indeed. In lead vocalist Amanda Dieck, Teddy has found the magic ingredient that binds the songs and musicianship together to deliver a set of stunning classic rock anthems. By the time track three, “Time To Get Away”, finishes, you’re hooked on what is perhaps the surprise package of 2014. “Lost In Time” with an intro that is reminiscent of MikeOldfield’s “Tubular Bells” before Teddy and Amanda combines forces to deliver a knock out track that will see the repeat-play button being used multiple times before moving on. There are so many tracks on this album which hit a home run every time that is difficult to pick favourites ; suffice to say that the vocals combine elements of Ann Wilson, Joan Jett and Stevie Nicks in equal measure; the guitar playing brings to mind the likes of Eddie Van Halen and Ritchie Sambora, and the rhythm section of Robert Berry and David Lauser add debth and groove to complete the package. Highlights include “Lost In Time”, “On Fire”, “Retaliate” and the hook laden “Take The Shot”. The solo on “On Fire” cements Teddy’s place as a guitar hero and the album confirms him as a skilled song writer as well. One small complaint is the track listing: the first two songs (an instrument and a prog driven intro) are not representative of the rest of the album and if TCB had started with “Time To Get Away”, then I think the casual listener would be hooked far earlier. It’s a small gripe though about what is an outstanding album that deserves a place in the collection of any serious classic rock fan.” - Adrian Hextall

Power play Rock & Metal magazine, Issue 172

T Clemente Band – Lost In Time (independent) Hard Rock         One of the many things I absolutely love about Fireworks magazine and the Fireworks team is they give valuable space to relatively unknown artists! Opening up the musical spectrum to us contributors and music lovers alike as well as giving these deserving artists some international exposure!         This band is just one of those examples, Teddy Clemente may be well known around the San Francisco area but his national and international profile is not quite there; however I think this is all about to change!          “Lost In Time” is about to sky rocket this awesome guitarist and his musical crew into the stratosphere! A driving and daring collection of Hard yet Melodic Rock, this album is going to turn heads. Clemente, himself, is a Progressive guitarist and composer of the highest grade. His arrangements are sterling and with help from producer and multi-instrumentalist Robert Berry, he borders on awe-inspiring!           On this release, he also introduces us to vocalist Amanda Dieck whose talents run parallel to Clemente’s. Her voice has an almost limitless depth so she can be harsh and tough when called for, followed by melodious and soulful and then completely breathless – and that can all be in just one song! ….Time’ also features long-time musical friends David Lauser on drums and the aforementioned Berry who lent keyboards, bass and guitars to the sessions. You may know Lauser’s work from Sammy Hagar whilst Berry is an excellent producer that is sought after in California.           Okay…so the music? The music – ah, yes- get ready for a pulsating Hard Rock, journey, one that is peppered with Progressive leanings like you have never quite heard before! From the almost unbelievable string-bending of Clemente to the ballsy rhythms laid down by Lauser and Berry to the super-sonic melodic voice of Dieck, ….Time absolutely shines on all selections! The talent of the musicians shines through the overall created gems that we hear and each of the fourteen tracks is a killer! Fourteen tracks that mesmerize you! This album is a hard driving effort that is so naturally performed, again at times, it is just unbelievable!         “…..Time” is one of those records that will turn the tide of music. It is an album that you will not be quick to forget and one that will call you back for more- time and time again!           Remember the name “T Clemente Band” ….remember the album, “Lost In Time”                                                                                      Bruce E. J. Atkinson - Fireworks Magazine” - Bruce E. J. Atkinson

— Fireworks Magazine

T Clemente Band Lost In Time Clemente Music The best band you’re not listening to. Filipino-born Californian guitarist T Clemente’s third album wears its influences on its sleeve, but the song writing and performances are so strong everything sounds fresh as a daisy. It helps that Clemente has a great team around him – drummer David Lauser played on Sammy Hagar’s mid-80s classics, and lead vocalist Amanda Dieck has a gorgeous, soaring voice. The music is so catchy you’d swear you’d heard these songs somewhere before. Sacrifice matches the bombast of Rainbow at their Graham Bonnet-powered peak, while Children And Their Future and Dreams sound like forgotten Pat Benatar tracks. Never Alone is a belter of a tune and In My Heart is an irresistible power ballad. Flying under the radar for too long, it’s time Clemente’s luck changed.” - Classic Rock Magazine

— Classic Rock Magazine

T Clemente Band – Lost In Time Rating: B+ Bay Area axe slinger Teddy Clemente has pretty much been flying under the radar, at least on a national level, for the better part of his career, but after one listen to his latest release Lost In Time, one gets the feeling that his fortunes could be changing very soon. Keeping many of the key ingredients intact that made his last full length effort Illusions the strong effort that it was, Clemente has once again turned to fellow San Franciscan, multi-instrumentalist, producer & arranger Robert Berry, to help him carve out another solid slab of melodic classic / hard rock. Veteran drummer David Lauser (Sammy Hagar) is once again back behind the kit, as is vocalist Tom Duell, albeit in a more reduced role this time around. For the lead vocal duties Teddy has wisely turned the mic over to Amanda Dieck and man does this woman hit the ball out of the park with each and every song. Her majestic sounding voice is just brimming with arena rock power and coupled with Teddy’s endless arsenal of scorching riffs and melodic solos on hard rock nuggets “Retaliate”, “Sacrifice”, “Take The Shot” and “Time To Get Away”, it is nothing less than a perfect match. What really works here is just how well the metallic crunch of the above mentioned songs blend in seamlessly with the softer and more reflective compositions “So Far Away”, “In My Heart”, “Dreams” and one of my personal favorite tracks on the album, “Children And Their Future”. What it all comes down to is that Lost In Time gives the listener such a diverse and well-rounded listening experience, that not only serves to highlight Clemente’s obvious skills as a guitarist, but more importantly, reveals his distinct flair for writing, top notch rock anthems that stick in your head long after the music has finished. Pretty hard to top that, don’t you think?  By Ryan Sparks” - Ryan Sparks

Classic Rock Revisited

When you hear some of the stuff on major labels that passes for rock, you despair. So many of the majors hitch themselves to rickety, no-talent bandwagons in a desperate attempt to connect with the next big thing. Yet, multi talented bands like the unglamourously titled T.Clemente Band have to release independently. Outstanding guitar man, Clemente wrote all the songs here. Helping him out in the studio were the legendary Robert (Hush, GTR, 3) Berry on bass, guitar, keys and bgvs, David Lauser on drums and Thom (Google him and be impressed) Duell on lead vocals and guitar. Berry, Duell and Clemente produced the album. There's so much to like about this recording. First, Clemente and Berry have arranged Clemente's melodic, keenly crafted songs in a rich variety of musical styles, none of them straying outside rock'n'roll parameters, but with enough contrast to keep things interesting. Second, Duell's voice is a wonder to behold, an amalgam of Chris Thompson, John Farnham and Chris Farlowe, you can see why he's been so much in demand by the music biz cognoscenti over the years. He tweaks his vocal cords to suit the music and the moment, zipping up and down through the gears, and he sings like he means it, like the music alone is enough. The first couple of tracks - 'Illusion' and 'Life' - fit firmly into the melodic rock category, very Night Ranger, very Triumph. Powerful, tuneful heavy hitters, with Clemente's barbed, biting axework often threatening to steal the show. Then, fascinatingly, we're off down the yellow brick road into progrock territory with 'Children And Their Future', a plaintive social commentary that spins on a thundering, bass heavy riff, and 'Voice Out', an exciting, red blooded mix of classic rock and contemporary tech prog that closes with a fabulous, pulse quickening, lead guitar outro. So far, so unfashionable. And so lovingly old school. The passion being generated and channelled into the music here is nothing short of breathtaking. 'Come Fly Away' captures strands of AOR, Beatle-esque pop and Wurlitzer propelled prog and weaves them into one short, singularly inspired burst of melodic rock. If the energy ever seems to flag, Clemente utilises a huge dose of clanging, soaring guitar like an adrenaline shot to the heart, or Berry wheels in a stadium sized fill or frill on the keyboards, like a rock'n'roll defibrillator that brings the music back to larger than life. Elsewhere, 'Rock All Night' does exactly what you'd guess it says on the tin, or tinnies for that matter. Vividly evoking good times, in another place, another era. Lyrically, 'Prisoner Of War' is a little heavy handed, but the track is rescued by the neatly crafted, simplified progrock arrangement. Clemente closes his album, appropriately, appositely, with a cracking instrumental, 'In My Mind'. Vaguely reminiscent of sixties legend, Mason Williams, starting out tentatively, acoustically, before cranking up into electric action, ultimately being joined by the whole band. There's no doubt that 'Illusions' is a labour of love. Clearly, the whole band put their heart and soul into this record. We should hope it leads to something a little more lasting than a "one off" project. Written by Brian Wednesday, February 17, 2010” - Brian McGowan

RevelationZ Magazine

Imagine you’re listening to some of your favorite tunes or albums the way they did sound were originally rehearsed to get approval and make it to the recording studio. What? You think the polished sound you get in the final product is what the band storms in to jam to a new melody? OK, thing again, or recall some demo takes added as bonus goodies in some of your beloved special CD editions. The beauty of music, for many, is widely spread the time the sound is raw, pure and un-overdubbed. That’s why enough ‘private’ recordings attract the interest of major labels in order for the deal to be inked, anyway, but – and most of all – that’s what naked beauty probably stands for: purity and implicit splendor. Quite a dramatic description, huh? Nah, it’s just that T CLEMENTE BAND’s CD made me go back to the ‘neighborhood’ roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll, where a good riff and harmony solo was enough to set an amateur outfit’s ass on fire in order to work hard and come up with a collection of songs making them kings for a day. T CLEMENTE BAND holds Teddy as the mainman and - possibly – basic composer and truth is they’ve laid down some pretty good-looking music over here, just plugging in and playing. With a style ranging from Prog/Pomp Rock to AOR/melodic Rock and guitar-oriented metallic Hard Rock, T CLEMENTE BAND show inspiration and true passion is the ‘key’ fact to create a personal style in a band, even if Rock music in general sees more than 50 years in general gathering a typhoon of artists and styles. Yes, OK, some references are possible to be brought to mind but as long as that’s an easy way for the band’s style to be described that’s fine for me! The total result in “Illusions” is a set of songs with melodic yet powerful guitars that are built in inspiring tempos and some great backing keyboards transmitting rocking, traveling/wandering, poetic or I-don’t-know-what-else vibes to the listener, dressed in some fine lyrics themes about life, human rights, children, our world, world leaders etc. The music is quite hardhittin’ at times, while more lunar moments are equally present. The solo work is good – could be more accurate, though – and the vocals of Thom Duell end up being quite unique with a harsh yet familiar tone. Names in reference can sum it up to the more arty works of bands like URIAH HEEP, QUEEN, DEEP PURPLE, SANTANA, RAINBOW/DIO, BOSTON, TRIUMPH and JOURNEY. It shall be noted though that most of the tracklist is not commercial enough, and I’m not referring to the demo sound but mostly to the 70s-inspired songwriting patterns. Still, “Illusions” – in strict musical terms – is impressive and convincing since it does not rely on some shiny production or fat sound but brings to the table nothing less than good personal music. A really original ‘private’ album,no questions asked!” - Grigoris Chronis


Guitarist Teddy Clemente immigrated to the United States from his native Philippines in 1981 when he was twenty years old. Introduced to the sounds of classic rock when he was still a young boy he began writing music in the early 80's but soon decided to put his music career on the backburner. The San Francisco based musician eventually rekindled his passion for creating music at the start of the new millennium and has been at it ever since. For his latest indie release entitled Illusions he's brought along some Bay Area veterans to help him out, notably multi-instrumentalist's Robert Berry and Thom Duell, who also handles the lead vocals, as well as Sammy Hagar drummer David Lauser. The record which in Clemente's own words "is all about life, our children, our government and our world" does pack a socially conscious message as the lyrics of "Illusion", "Life" ,"Children and their Future" and "Prisoner of War" are all politically tinged and serve as a wakeup call to the powers that be that things need to change before it's too late. Illusions is a supercharged, classic rock affair that puts Clemente's superior skills as a player directly in the spotlight. The guy sure knows how to rock as he fires off a full arsenal of meaty riffs and scorching solos overtop the funky programming and Lauser's powerhouse drumming on "Rock All Night" and "O For Satisfaction". Clemente's real secret weapon on this record though turns out to be Duell who sings the hell out of these songs with an alarming amount of passion and conviction. His voice definitely comes pretty damned close to Geoff Tate especially on the epic eight minute "Voice Out" and "Come Fly Away". The disc concludes with the tender, yet scorching instrumental "In My Mind" in which Clemente plays a nice acoustic melody and then proceeds to let rip a gut wrenching solo for the ages overtop of it. He might be flying under the radar as an indie artist, but after one listen to what this brother is throwing down on Illusions, I have to say that if the stars manage to align themselves in the right way, Teddy Clemente certainly has what it takes to get his music and his message out on a much larger scale.” - Ryan Sparks

Sea of Tranquility

T. CLEMENTE BAND 'ILLUSIONS' (CLEMENTE MUSIC) Here we have a really high quality independent recording from a band out of San Francisco, USA. They are called the T. CLEMENTE BAND, formed around excellent guitarist TEDDY CLEMENTE (a la RICHIE BLACKMORE), who is also the songwriter of all 10 songs on this album. THOM DUELL (a la IAN PARRY and JEFF FENHOLT) takes care of the vocals and he happens to be blessed with a superb voice, so we are talking about something really interesting here. Musically taking a bit of RAINBOW, URIAH HEEP, ZENO, Q5 and especially QUEENSRYCHE meets JOSHUA meets TRIUMPH with some Metal riffs added, mixing this all together with awesome vocal- and guitarwork, you basically end up with this awesome CD titled 'Illusions'. Especially the songs "Life", "Come fly away" and "Prisoner of war" are very impressive tunes to check out asap if your heart belongs to quality Progressive Rock/Metal with a Classic Hardrock vibe like a mix of mentioned acts and you want to hear beautiful melodies in all arrangements as well. The CD has a huge sound, partly thanks to the legendary GEORGE HORN (a Soul/Funk/Jazz legend!), who mastered the CD and also a special mention also needs to made for ROBERT BERRY (3, HUSH, solo, etc.) who played guitars, keys, did back-up vocals and took care of the recording and sound/mixing/engineering of the record, thumbs up to both for doing a great job here! More info at: and e-mail at:” - Gabor Kleinbloesem, Editor of Strutter'zine

STRUTTER'ZINE, The Netherlands

T. CLEMENTE BAND 'Illusions' Guitarist Teddy is the 'T' in this band which also features the multi-talented Robert Berry (Three/Alliance) who is not the lead vocalist as you'd expect, Thom Duell takes this spot. On drums is David Lauser, who has worked extensively with Sammy Hagar and his bands plus he is also a member of Alliance along with Robert Berry. Given the musical pedigree of this band the music is of a high standard with a nice musical mix. There are some party rockers like 'Rock All Night', then there are more reflective and slower tempo songs like 'Children & Their Future'. Quite a few bands come to mind whilst listening to this album including Triumph, Rainbow and Uriah Heep on the title track, mainly for the harmonies and slight prog rock feel to the music. Hopefully this album will manage to make a splash as the music on here is very enjoyable plus you have some top draw musicians involved. With any luck this won't be the last we hear from Teddy Clemente and friends. Jason Ritchie” - Jason Ritchie

Hi Teddy, Craven tagged you in a post.Craven wrote: "So I have been rapidly becoming a fan of local original music. Bands like Gundacker Project and Finding Stella have opened my eyes to the wonderful original songs of these talented writer/performers.The latest to leave me wanting more is the T. Clemente Band. They played Saturday night at Neto's and blew me away. The amazing voice of Amanda Dieck , mind blowing guitar work and writing of Teddy Clemente and seemingly impossible drum work by Jesus Garcia have me hooked. Solid backup by Mark Crissman on vocals, stellar bass by my buddy, Harold Lee (Martin), and innovative keyboard work by Bryan H Yoshida make this band a must watch. If you have not seen them you are missing out. In fact Harold had been trying to get me to come see them all year and only recently have I been able to. The attached video is long. 13 minutes, but it is awesome. Set your preferences to 720p HD, turn up the volume and prepare to smile! The drum solo by Jesus Garcia absolutely is worth the wait at the end. Enjoy! Craven wrote: "My apologies to Jeff Mayer for not mentioning his terrific guitar playing. I've been a fan of his for years....sorry buddy.” - Craven Lynn

— Live Performance Review